June 20, 2013 - Information Regarding Wash Code Expirations.


Unitec has become aware of certain concerns noted by some customers that use devices such as those distributed by Unitec. We feel that it is appropriate to notify site owners and operators of these concerns. 
When a customer pre-purchases car wash services but then fails to redeem the car wash before the wash code expiration date that may be programmed onto their receipt, generated at the pump or in the c-store, they are uncertain what they should do and whether their receipt is still expected to be honored. After learning of instances of this type of customer uncertainty, Unitec feels it appropriate for site owners and operators to consider reasonable steps that may eliminate the potential to have a customer who is uncertain of what he or she should do if the code on his or her receipt has expired and as a result, becomes dissatisfied. 
We suggest that site owners and operators should always honor unused carwash purchases. The simplest way to reduce the instances of expired receipts is to extend code expiration dates for as long as possible within the capabilities of the system or disable code expiration dates where possible. Current versions of Unitec's Wash Select II POS, Portal, Sentinel and C-Start products are capable of generating wash codes with no expiration date, which can be accomplished by setting the code expiration timeframe to zero (0) days. For the Wash Select II POS, this functionality is available for systems with a POS4000 software version of 7.80 or later. For the Portal, Sentinel and C-Start, which operate on Unitec's Sierra server software, the required version is 1.52.
It's important to note that the code expiration messages printed on receipts provided by the store POS register and gas pumps are controlled by the store POS system.  If you need to change receipt messages, please contact your POS supplier for assistance.
We recommend that site owners and operators also take steps to train staff, to assure all employees understand how to consistently handle customer interactions that involve expired wash code receipts. Additionally, we recommend that site owners and operators utilize appropriately placed on-site signage, to clearly communicate policies regarding wash redemptions using codes to customers.
If you require assistance with disabling code expirations, or need to obtain further details and cost information about software upgrades, please contact your Unitec distributor directly, or Unitec's Technical Support line at 443-561-1200. So that we can best serve you and provide effective guidance, we suggest that you confirm your current software versions and IP address, if possible, prior to contacting us. It will also be helpful if the call is made from the car wash site, or from a location where current product information can be accessed remotely, as needed.