OS Updates

Unitec assembles Operating Systems (OS) updates, used by the Portal, Sentinel, C-Start and WashPay Site Controller. These updates are provided in whole by Microsoft. Unitec carefully reviews the parts of each update for relevancy and determines which to include in the package made available.

Unitec provides these OS update packages on a quarterly basis, yielding 4 releases per year. PCI Compliance regulations require these OS updates be applied as security patches when they are made available. 

As the Operating Systems are customized for Unitec products, these updates must be downloaded from this site and installed by the equipment owner or servicing distributor, rather than obtained through other channels.

It is advisable and recommend that software versions running on Unitec products (Portal, Sentinel and C-Start) are up to date as well. If you feel the software version of your product is not current, please contact Unitec's Technical Support Department and we will assist you in determining the correct upgrade path.

Windows XPe

Microsoft has announced extended support for Windows XPe will end on January 12, 2016.

What does this mean?

Windows Embedded products have their own distinct support lifecycles, based on when the product was released and made generally available. It is important to understand the support implications for these products in order to ensure that systems remain up to date and secure.

Critical security updates are made available for products until the published Extended Support end date. This allows customers to ensure that they are up to date in protection against security attacks and are running the most current Operating System on the Server and the Client units.

These updates will continue to be made available through this channel through the duration of the published Extended Support end date. In order to maintain security and optimal operation of any computer system, it is important to obtain the Operating System updates provided by Unitec.