Credit Card Setup Application

Site owners utilizing Unitec products that accept credit cards need to establish a Merchant Account.  The following Credit Card Setup Application needs to be completely filled out in the following situations:

  • New set-up for a new unit
  • Change of processor
  • Change of carwash ownership
  • Re-download for replacement credit card device 

If you or your Merchant Service Provider has any questions, please contact Unitec’s Merchant Service Department at 443-561-1200 or


Unitec has partnered with Priority Payment Systems Wash to provide payment solutions that will increase cash flow and promote customer loyalty.  Priority Wash makes the process of accepting credit cards for your Unitec equipment easy, efficient and cost-effective.  They are the ONLY endorsed processor where Unitec offers free and reduced conversion fees.  Priority Wash offers pre-negotiated rates, recurring billing, next day funding, online reporting and processing analysis, cloud POS (a virtual terminal to run refunds and authorizations) and MX ipos (to process transactions on your iPhone, iTouch or iPad).  For more information, visit Priority Payment System’s website

Priority Payment Systems Application
Priority Payment Systems Application



If using a provider other than Priority Payment Systems, use the applications listed below (please use a browser other than Firefox):

Other Credit Card Setup Applications
U.S. Credit Card Setup Application
Canadian Credit Card Setup Application